Venkat Chanchapalli Madhavan, Kevin Juang, Dr. Joel Greenstein, Meera Ramachandran, Reshmi Koikkara, Moni Chompoodang

T he Human-Computer Systems Laboratory (HCSL) is housed in the Department of Industrial Engineering at Clemson University. The mission of HCSL is to improve the design of human-computer systems. Our goal is to enable people to use these systems to carry out their activities productively. To achieve this, we focus on understanding the users and their tasks and making use of technology to meet the users’ needs.

The user-centered design process produces human-computer systems that are both useful and usable. These systems support users in the performance of their tasks and are straightforward to use. The Laboratory applies user-centered design methodologies to develop and refine human-computer systems for a variety of applications within the production and service sectors, including information and knowledge management, collaborative engineering design, quality and process improvement, and education and training.

Funded by various federal and private sources, the HCSL involves both undergraduate and graduate students in its research and development activites. Deliverables from the research are used to provide client-specific solutions and are also integrated into the classroom to enhance the student experience.

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